The best CMS for eCommerce
25Jan, 2020

eCommerce is a blessing for businesses worldwide. Bangladesh is no exception to this. Online Businesses in Bangladesh have seen a significant rise in number over the last couple of years and the number is rising day by day. Traditional and established businesses are also growing beyond their physical presence and branching out into the online portion of the business. People who wouldn’t be associated with the internet in the early days, earn a living through eCommerce. So eCommerce is an essential cog in the wheel of the modern business.

Understanding aspects of eCommerce is an essential part of managing a successful eCommerce. No matter how easy it is, nowadays, this is still a complicated web-based mechanism. eCommerce means to do business activities online. In the early years, there used to be only custom-made websites. But as technology changed, so did the architecture. Now is the age of Content management systems. These are frameworks that let you build and manage websites without much coding. WordPress is an ideal example of a CMS. But today, let’s look at CMSs that concentrate only on the eCommerce sites.

Magento is quite a popular CMS for developers. It has excellent provisions for plugins and extensions that help to make a wholesome website. You can easily Magento is quite a scalable CMS as your features can grow as your demand and traffic increases. Magento has a free version, which is the community version. This lets you use the platform for and build great sites. There is a premium version that costs a lot of money.

Woocommerce is not necessarily a CMS but rather an eCommerce plugin for another CMS. Woocommerce is for WordPress sites. Woocommerce has a large active community of developers continually updating and adding to the experience. On top of that, some developers make extensions for bettering Woocommerce. It is one of the most popular eCommerce frameworks currently.

Open Cart
OpenCart is a perfect eCommerce platform for fast development. OpenCart lets you build a store very quickly. There are ready-made options so that you can make an online shop quite easily. It has almost zero learning curves for people who have absolutely no skills in technical things in website building. But that ease of use also means that there aren’t as many customization options for you as other CMS platforms.

Prestashop is an aesthetically pleasing option for an eCommerce shop. It has excellent preset themes with beautiful colors and professional presentation options. Prestashop has excellent options for beginners and no-technicians. The biggest downside to this CMS is that it is limited. It has quite a low number of options, and it isn’t as scalable as other options in this list.

WP eCommerce
WP eCommerce is similar to Woocommerce in the sense that this is also a WordPress plugin. Its main attraction point is its simplicity. You can use this plugin to set up a shop easily and quickly. But it doesn’t have such a strong community as Woocommerce, and that is why it might be tough to implement sometimes.

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