Starting a WordPress Blog with Shared Hosting in Bangladesh
07Jan, 2020

WordPress Hosting in Bangladesh has been a revelation in recent times. Giving businesses the weapon to get ahead of the curve using the internet as a medium. As an individual creative artist, it is paramount that you get your skills across as far as possible. Writers are one such creative artist who has the power to power to express their creativity with the medium of words. Blogging is one sort of medium that lets you make a great impact through the posts you give on your site. So starting a WordPress blog seems like an opportunity for writers to express themselves.

For beginners, this might be a daunting task to start a blog and manage the site properly for a long time. But with WordPress, this is possible. WordPress lets you make and manage websites without any coding or programming skills. It’s easy to manage and publish posts with WordPress. That is why more and more people have come forward to blog about their experiences. This format is getting very popular in Bangladesh. Creative writers are expressing themselves using the easy to use WordPress. This stands as a manual for you to start your WordPress Blog. You will learn the importance of doing so with shared hosting in Bangladesh.

Step 1. Get a hosting plan

First of all, getting a shared hosting seems like a very good first step. While there are managed WordPress hosting services, it is easy to get started with a shared hosting plan. A good shared hosting would have great storage, bandwidth, domains, databases, email hosting and more services. Nokro is one hosting provider in Bangladesh that you can easily get these services in a cheap way.

Step 2. Get a Domain

After you get hosting done you also need a good domain name. You have to choose a domain name that suits your blog and has a catchy ring to it. The hosting service should have an option to get great domains. Nokro is a very good website where you can get hosting and get domain services. You can both register and transfer your domains easily.

Step 3 Customize your blog

Afterwards, you should actually publish your blog. After getting the domain and hosting you can easily install WordPress onto your hosting platform. This lets you use the platform to build your site. You can choose from the free or premium themes that suit your style. Customizing your blog is as easy as drag and drop. You can easily use the Gutenberg or the classic editor to edit your site.

Step 4 Publish Your Posts

This includes the creative part of the whole process. Do your research and see which keywords fit your niche of writing and try to incorporate them into your posts. This will make it easy for search engine optimization and getting an audience for your blog. Add some sprinkle of style with the ready to use tools at your disposal from WordPress.

Step 5 Promote your Blog

This is not related to the actual creative process but it is related to the marketing of
Your blog. You can share your blog posts and blog links in social media. You can also send email campaigns to promote your blog. Nokro has great email accounts along with their shared hosting plans.

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Nokro has all the essentials you need to start and carry out a very detailed and structured blog site. So for WordPress Hosting using Shared Hosting in Bangladesh Nokro can help you out immensely. They also concentrate on the WordPress hosting and you can find detailed WordPress hosting plans in our site.

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