Keeping your eCommerce site Secure
15Jan, 2020

eCommerce is a profitable venture all over the world, and Bangladesh is no exception. eCommerce sites have grown in our country. Rising hosting services in Bangladesh have made more of an open field for eCommerce to spread and prosper beyond successful levels. These sites are quite essential websites. There are a lot of significant transactions and interactions going on on an eCommerce website. The website is also responsible for the income and sustenance of the people associated with a website. So it is essential to ensure the smooth operation of these websites.

One part of website management that is vital is security. It is easy to start a business online, but you should also know that it is also quite easy to carry out evil attacks on the website. The website is a complex mesh of codes and structures that combine to make a working network. But if one part of this is affected, then all the pieces are affected. Hacks, DDoS, phishing and other aspects of hacking can render a website damaged. So to secure your business, you have to make your eCommerce site secure. Jongly is a web hosting provider in Bangladesh, but we also care about your security. So here are some tips on securing your eCommerce website.

Out of website Security Issues
To secure the site, firstly you have to look at some aspects of the macro side of website management. Some things do not concern within the website but the outer layers of the website. The first thing you have to ensure is that you choose a secure web host. There are quite a few hosting services, but very few will give you excellent security provisions. Another aspect is that you have to use https in your request protocol. This means you have to have an SSL Certificate along with your site, which makes your connection secure. You also have to have a good eCommerce platform.

Within Website Security Measures
There are some stuff within the website which you can tinker to bolster your
Security options. The passwords within the website open many possibilities. But these passwords have to be very strong. Generic words and other dates are easy to guess and crack in situations. This is also public property, and there is no shortage of people coming and going. So you should not have any sensitive data or personal information into web files. You also have to update your website regularly and also backup the files. These actions help you to secure your site significantly.

Technical Issues
There are some specific technical issues you have to look for when you try to secure your website. One thing you might want to do is the Vulnerability test. If someone you know has experience in penetration testing or ethical hacking, you can get your website checked using the vulnerability tests. There are PCI DSS compliant websites which deal with issues of malpractice. Having access to these websites will help you protect your site and customers from credit card fraud schemes. CDN is a perfect way to not only fast forward your website loading but also enables you to protect your site from DDoS attacks. Cloudflare CDN is one CDN service you can consider.

Jongly provides you with great hosting solutions that help you with the hosting plans and also you can set up security measures quite easily within your website.

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