Ecommerce web hosting in Bangladesh: Affordable shared hosting services
26Dec, 2019

Web hosting in Bangladesh is a hot topic among businesses in the current era. Businesses have always found a way to evolve with the times. Businesses are essential parts of the society. If the people in the world face problems or needs, businesses have always found ways to solve these problems. The technological advancements have only made this accessible. The internet has a big part to play. Ecommerce businesses and services are a hotbed for economic prosperity. Many people who have ideas and plans for success but are limited by physical resources can prevail through the use of ecommerce. Ecommerce use in Bangladesh is slowly but surely prospering. Now ecommerce hosting services in Bangladesh is a topic worthy of pursuing.

Web Hosting for ecommerce is a very important part of the whole business spectrum. Hosting lets you keep your site online. For an ecommerce website it is essential that the site is always up and running. It also helps that the site loads in great speed because user experience is a big part of the overall performance for ecommerce sites to prosper. Bangladeshi businesses, startups and young entrepreneurs are opening up to the idea of having an online presence for businesses. It is reflected by the amount of young business persons as well as successful ventures in Bangladesh. Shared hosting is one such option that can benefit ecommerce sites. Shared hosting in Bangladesh is one such service that is attracting more and more attention from ecommerce businesses.

An ecommerce site needs some specific type of support with the hosting services to ensure optimum site performance. These include:

Performance-management tools: A site’s hosting is an aspect that has to be managed and tweaked from the backend part of the site. So these metrics and tools have to be on par with the industry standards. These include cPanel support, easy installations, customer support and more.

Data storage: Storage of data is a vital metric for websites. The amount of inputs and data passing through the websites depend on the storage and bandwidth of the site. A high storage space, as well as bandwidth helps with the proper performance of the website.

Extras: FTP, domains, email accounts are essential tools and features for your ecommerce site’s many aspects. Quick transfer of files means great performance. The domains help with housing special portals within your site. Also you can promote your site with email campaigns.with email accounts.

Jongly is a web hosting provider in Bangladesh that provides great features and plans for hosting. Jongly provides the features described above in their shared hosting plans. Some of the highlights of the hosting plans.

  • Maximum 10 GB of storage
  • Bandwidth up to 100 GB
  • Up to 5 addon domains
  • Up to 50 sub-domains
  • 50 FTP accounts
  • 50 databases
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Regular updates
  • Tools
  • Great uptime speed
  • 24/7 Customer service

So the details described above all encompass the characteristics of a great ecommerce web hosting service. Jongly plans are some of the most convenient local web hosting services in Bangladesh. Ecommerce sites can gain a great deal of coverage by using Jongly plans.

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