Advantage & Disadvantage of Shared Hosting
10Jun, 2019

Hosting is the backbone of our digital platforms. There are different types of hosting categories. Among them shared hosting is mostly used by the mass people for their personal and other common uses. The reason behind this are many.

For giving you a clear idea about shared hosting, we are giving you the advantage and disadvantage of shared hosting which will help you to compare and make your decision before enrolling to this hosting.

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Advantages of shared hosting

It’s Affordable
Shared hosting is cheaper than any other type of hosting available in the market. From shared hosting you can use multiple account from a single server. As this hosting is not suitable for handling a large traffic that is why you can use this hosting for any kind of personal use.

It’s Manageable And Convenient
Shared hosting plans don’t need any kind of high technical knowledge or experience to host your website. This gives you a added advantage when you are busy with your real business. Managing a shared hosting is something like managing your own computer file. Most of the panel provided by the shared hosting provider is very user friendly.

It Can Be Customized For Your Needs
Shared hosting is customizable for any of your reason. This customization can be done anytime you want. So shared hosting packages is one of the most risk free hosting.

Disadvantages of shared hosting

You Will Share Resources
When you are sharing costs with other websites, you’re also sharing all the assets. If there are any kind of sudden spikes of traffic and pressure on your website then it may collapse. In case of sudden traffic surge of other website may hamper your website also. So, before purchasing shared hosting be aware about it.

You May Exposed to Security Vulnerabilities
As multiple website are merged in one server and lack of security support your website will be vulnerable. This exposed your website to the hackers. You may miss your data and other assets due to lack of protection.

As per the discussion above we are suggests you to make your own decision. For the best shared hosting package you can choose In you will be able to get most secured and fastest shared hosting in lowest possible price. You will receive you hosting account within just 12 hours of your registration.

Additionally, you will get free 24/7 customer support from us from anywhere. We accept all types of payment option. This will help you to buy hosting from us. Let’s enroll to our hosting.

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